Corporate culture

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Enterprise mission: Good medicine package encapsulation

Through innovative management, leading technology, excellent quality to win the trust of customers, for pharmaceutical enterprises to provide safe, reliable, beautiful packaging products and high quality service。


Vision: To become an international well-known enterprise in the pharmaceutical packaging industry

The company is committed to improving enterprise value, product value, employee value, toIn 2042, it will become an internationally competitive pharmaceutical packaging enterprise。


Values: integrity, responsibility, innovation, win-win

Integrity: the company should first adhere to the creed, honest life, practical work, keep promises。

Responsibility: The embodiment of responsibility and value, the company has the courage to assume the responsibility to customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, partners and the society, the staff love their jobs, dedication, courage to undertake。

Innovation: the inexhaustible source of power for the development of the company, diligent in learning, forge ahead, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence。

Win-win: the pursuit of business goals, and stakeholders mutual benefit and common development。

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