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Hubei China Resources Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Yichang, Hubei Province, the beautiful location of the Yangtze River Three Gorges Project and the world capital of hydropower. It is a state-level high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development and production of new medical packaging product materials, an invisible champion cultivation enterprise in the subdivision field of provincial pillar industry and a key cultivation enterprise of science and Technology Department。The company has a registered capital of 30 million yuan, more than 260 employees, covers an area of 40,000 square meters, the existing State Council government special allowance expert 1, professor-level senior engineer 1, senior engineer 6, other engineering and technical personnel 25, and a group of senior management talents。


China Resources Technology has always carried out the "good medicine package,Pack the medicine",Since its establishment in 2002,Devoted to the research and development of pharmaceutical packaging products and production,The company is guided by national industrial policy and supported by high and new technology,Take the path of combining "production, learning and research",We will implement a differentiated development strategy,Rely on efficient and mature professional development and management team,Long-term commitment to new medicinal packaging products ---- chlorine (bromine) butyl rubber bottle stopper (pad) and other pharmaceutical grade food grade packaging products research and development and production。


公司产品主要有口服液体药用氯(溴)化丁基橡胶塞(垫片)、药用氯(溴)化丁基橡胶密封圈、注射用无菌粉末用氯(溴)化丁基橡胶塞、注射用冷冻干燥用氯(溴)化丁基橡胶塞、真空采血针胶塞、笔式注射器用丁基橡胶活塞、食品级及药品级注塑制品(PA、PP、PE、PU、POM)与注吹制品(PA、PE、TEEE)等多系列品种。The company has 21 sets of large-scale equipment, 145 sets of all kinds of production machinery, 62 sets of all kinds of high simplification system, some of which automated intelligent equipment for the company's own development, technology走在Front rank in China。At present, the relevant products have been registered and publicized on the website of the National Drug Examination Center. Some of the products have obtained DMF registration in the United States FDA, and more than 30 patents have been authorized. The products have international competitiveness。Has become the domestic stable quality, large scale, good brand reputation of oral liquid rubber plug (pad) and raw material medicinal butyl sealing ring manufacturers,Has reached long-term cooperation with more than 50 well-known large pharmaceutical enterprises and pharmaceutical packaging factory,Formed a group of stable customer base,Many of them are taking our company as a long-term designated supplier。


"Integrity, responsibility, innovation, win-win" is the core value of Hubei China Resources Technology Co., LTD。With excellent product quality and perfect service, China Resources Technology has won the praise and trust of customers at home and abroad。The company has become a well-known medicinal oral liquid chlorine (bromine) butyl rubber bottle stopper (pad) and medicinal chlorinated butyl rubber stopper sealing ring production supplier, annual sales have exceeded 10 billion。It is the unremitting pursuit of Hubei China Resources Technology Co., Ltd. to provide new polymer material products with high starting point, high standard and high quality for pharmaceutical enterprises, and constantly improve the technical content of products and the company's brand reputation. It is the goal of China Resources people to become an internationally renowned enterprise in the pharmaceutical packaging industry。We will be highly responsible to the country, society, shareholders, customers, long-term commitment to high-quality pharmaceutical packaging products research and development, production and technical support, to achieve mutual benefit with all sectors of society, common development。


In the future development, China Resources Technology will continue to adhere to the company's business philosophy: "integrity, responsibility, innovation, win-win", to contribute wisdom to the cause of Chinese pharmaceutical packaging materials, dedication to human health,China Resources Science and Technology is with a high attitude, continue to climb, in line with the idea of innovation, with steady and firm pace, to create a more brilliant tomorrow!

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