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  • 2021-11-16 11:24

    Freeze dried rubber plug moisture control

    As we all know, one of the most important quality control indicators of freeze-dried drugs is the moisture content。The amount of moisture is related to whether the active ingredient of a drug can guarantee its efficacy over its shelf life。Therefore, freeze-dried rubber plug

  • 2021-11-04 09:49

    Chinese quintessence -- Traditional Chinese Medicine, modern traditional Chinese medicine preparation and packaging material system

    The beginning of traditional Chinese medicine can be traced back to 2000 BC. It is the crystallization and treasure of the wisdom of the Chinese nation。Traditional Chinese medicine mainly uses plants as raw materials. Through various processing methods, it can be made into clinical drugs that can be swallowed。随着

  • 2021-10-30 09:12

    Prepotting system

    Prepotting system or prepotting syringe is getting more and more attention in the pharmaceutical industry。Compared with the traditional vial drug, the pre-filled syringe drug is more convenient to use。Traditional drug delivery is required

  • 2021-10-30 09:10

    Introduction to the coated rubber plug

    It has been nearly 10 years since the natural rubber plug was eliminated in 2005. The pharmaceutical rubber plug industry in China has made great progress and made due contributions to the pharmaceutical industry。Great changes have also taken place in the variety of medicinal rubber plug products.

  • 2021-08-25 15:10

    Medical card bottle and its sealing system

    With the continuous improvement of people's medical level and the arrival of the aging society, the medical industry is also rising, especially diabetes and dental care, people spend more and more time and energy。据

  • 2021-08-20 13:54

    A letter to a client

    Dear person in charge of your company (department) : Our company is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and service of medicinal chlorine (bromine) butyl rubber plug (pad), raw material medicinal butyl rubber sealing ring and other products

  • 2021-07-01 10:21

    Notice on further clarifying matters related to the archival administration of ordinary cosmetics

    Drug Regulatory Administrations of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, and Drug Regulatory Administrations of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps: Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) and Measures for the Administration of Cosmetic Registration and Archival Filing (hereinafter referred to as the Measures) have been officially implemented, and cosmetic registration and archival filing work has been carried out in an orderly manner。According to the operation of the record management of ordinary cosmetics, the relevant matters are further clarified as follows: 1. Strictly implement the requirements of regulations。According to the "Regulations" "measures" provisions, ordinary cosmetics archival filing person submit archival data to complete the archival filing, the product can be marketed for sale。2. Strictly standardize the disclosure of archival information。Provincial bureau

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