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Tai Chi Group leaders came to the company to carry out quality audit work

Taiji Group on June 29, 2022Li Xiaojun, deputy general manager of Purchasing Center of Fuling Pharmaceutical Factory, led a team of personnel from related departments of technology, quality control, production and procurement to our company to conduct quality audit. General Manager Huang Youming, deputy general manager Fu Yuhuan, Wang Jibai, Huang Yigang and other leaders participated in the reception。

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Visit the cultural exhibition hall

Accompanied by General Manager Huang Youming and others, the audit team visited the cultural exhibition hall and had a preliminary understanding of the basic situation of our company。At the first meeting, Deputy General Manager Fu Yuhuan gave a detailed introduction from the company's development history, products and customers, performance excellence management, technological innovation, new product research and development and future development planning. At the same time, both sides shared experience and communicated on promoting performance excellence management mode。

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Meeting site

After the meeting, the audit team inspected the production site, warehouse and laboratory, and reviewed the production and quality management of our company by checking production records, production equipment, process control, quality inspection records and other documents。At the last meeting, the audit team affirmed the completion of the production management and quality control work of the company and put forward specific suggestions。

Afterwards, the audit team visited the construction site of our company's biological industrial park base, got a detailed understanding of the basic information and construction progress of the project, and expressed warm expectations for the future development of our company, hoping that both sides could continue to deepen innovation cooperation, strengthen strategic cooperation, and achieve win-win cooperation。

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Visited and investigated the construction project of the company's biological industrial Park base

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Take a group photo

The company will adhere to the mission of "good medicine package and good medicine package", constantly improve the production process and quality control means, to provide the public with safe and reliable medicinal packaging products。

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