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Warm congratulations to China Resources Science and Technology New Park production project commencement ceremony a complete success!

At 9:00 am on February 16, 2022, the commencement ceremony of intelligent production project of high-end medicinal packaging materials of Hubei China Resources Technology Co., Ltd. was held。Zhou Zongshan, Director of Yichang Branch of Hubei Provincial Food and Drug Administration, Li Zhihong, Deputy Secretary of Working Committee and deputy director of Management Committee of Yichang High-tech Zone, Fu Yan, Secretary of Party Committee and full-time deputy director of Biological Industrial Park of Yichang High-tech Zone and other leaders at all levels were present at the scene,Witness this historic moment together with senior leaders, staff representatives and representatives of project construction and supervision units of China Resources Technology。

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The ceremony begins 2-2.jpg

At the commencement ceremony, General Manager Huang Youming gave a brief introduction to the company's general situation, new project construction and development plan, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the provincial and municipal government departments for their guidance and support。Afterwards, the supervisor and the representative of the construction party spoke respectively。Finally, Li Zhihong, deputy secretary of the Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee of Yichang High-tech Zone, delivered a speech, warmly congratulates China Resources Technology on the construction of the new production project. He said that for China Resources Technology has been rooted in the high-tech zone for 20 years, the management committee of the high-tech zone willAlways insistEverything around the project, everything around the industryTo continuously improve the business environment, continue to do a good job in providing services for enterprises,We hope that all parties will cooperate actively.Strictly control the safety, quality and progress of the park, to ensure the safe, high quality, efficient and successful completion of the construction of the new park, to realize the simultaneous development of economic and social benefitsWith the sound of artillery salutes and the roar of excavatorsSince then, Li Zhihong, deputy director officially announced that the project broke ground。

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Mr. Huang Youming, general manager of China Resources Technology, delivered a speech

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Deputy Director Li Zhihong delivered a speech and announced the start of construction

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The guest laid the foundation with a spade

The project of intelligent production of high-end medicinal packaging materials started this time,It is the transformation and upgrading of the company,Strive for excellence and progress,In the future, it is an important strategic plan to become an international well-known enterprise in the pharmaceutical packaging industry,This project is one of the key projects of the "51020" modern industrial system,The total investment is 300 million yuan,Covers an area of 100 mu,The total construction area is 40,827 square meters,Including office building, staff dormitory, production workshop, finished product warehouse,Raw material warehouse and other facilities,Introduce and learn from the latest level of international and domestic advanced intelligent equipment,To create and build the domestic first-class, highly automated, intelligent flexible production line of modern medicinal packaging materials,For domestic and international pharmaceutical enterprises to provide high quality and reliable packaging materials supporting services。

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Twenty years of hard work,Brave the wind and wave to write a new chapter,China Resources Technology will adhere to the core values of "integrity, responsibility, innovation and win-win",According to the "132" target,We will continue to advance and implement the 14th Five-Year Strategic Plan,Take the construction of the new park as a brand new starting point,We will embark on a new journey of transformation and upgrading,Keep writing history,Welcome to the future!

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