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A delegation of leaders from Three Ring Forging and Three Ring Axle came to China Resources Technology for exchange and learning

2On the morning of December 2, 21, Zhang Yunjun, general manager of Hubei Sanhuan Forging Co., LTD., and more than 20 leaders of Hubei Sanhuan Axle Co., LTD., visited our company for exchange and study。

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Group photo

Mr. Zhang and his delegation were accompanied by national expert Mr. Yu Kun, General Manager Huang Youming, Vice general managers Chen Dejun, Fu Yuhuan, Wang Jibai, etc,Go deep into the corporate culture exhibition hall, the production workshop of China Resources Technology and the production workshop of Haitel,Have a close understanding of the company's operating status, main products, cultural honor, production process, site management and other aspects,Experience different fields, different industries,Different enterprises have their own unique business model and management experience。

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Visit the cultural exhibition hall

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Visit the production workshop of China Resources Technology

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Visit the Hytel production plant

At the exchange meeting, after listening to Wang Zhiming, Minister of Comprehensive Management Department, on the basic information of China Resources Technology, the introduction process of performance excellence, learning results and improvement process, the two sides exchanged and shared on the improvement of performance excellence management, strategy implementation and future development planning。At the same time, General Manager Zhang Yunjun expressed appreciation for the development process, industry status and business philosophy of China Resources Technology, and based on his own experience, put forward relevant suggestions to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights。

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