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Dream Together, Progress hand in Hand - China Resources Technology 2017 Annual Conference report

2018212Hubei China Resources Technology Co., LTD2017The annual work summary meeting and Spring Festival Party was held in the company conference room and Shilong Hotel. All the employees of the company got together and had a good time together。

Summary meeting

Summary meeting, the company's general manager Huang Youming2017The annual work was summarized and it was announced that through the joint efforts of all employees, the company had overfulfilled2017In the year of the target, the company's performance hit a new record high, and became one of the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in five districts, three cities and five counties in Dayichang。The company's production technology, workshop environment is also in2017In 2003, a large-scale upgrading and expansion was carried out, for2018年的发展做好了充分准备;同时黄总也感谢大家一年来的辛苦工作,并以自身身边的实际例子为由,提出倡议,让尊老爱幼的中华传统行为在巴黎人赌场官方网站人身上体现,提议为各自的父母购置新年礼物,做到真正的孝敬父母。Finally, Mr. Huang wishes everyone a happy family, good health and all the best。

General Manager Huang's speech

At the meeting, Chen Dejun, the executive vice president of the company announced the list of outstanding employees, and the leaders issued awards and bonuses for the outstanding employees of this year, to encourage their continued efforts, and call on everyone to study。

Leadership award

Production expert

Quality model

Work activist

Excellent new employee

Advanced team

For three years in a rowAClass "reward personnel

After the meeting, all the staff of the company cameWorld Dragon HotelFor a New Year party。The annual meeting staff of various departments brought different forms, dizzying performances, dance, games, singing and other programs, colorful, wonderful, also interspersed with the leadership wechat red envelope and lottery link, with the memorial award, third prize, second prize, first prize drawing, constantly set off the climax of the annual meeting。

Opening dance "Good Luck to You"

The annual meeting officially begins.

General Manager Huang's speech

Lucky draw wechat big red envelope

The game is the other way around

The song "Good Day"

Poetry Reading "A Parent's Love"

Sign language dance "Thank You"

Dance "I Laugh when You Laugh"

Cha-cha solo&拉丁

It's hard to tell a game from a fake

"the show"

Song medley "The Nation"

Song medley "Brother Miss You"

Song medley "Water Town in My Dream"

Duet "Year of the Dog"

Draw the grand prize

The annual banquet not only brought laughter to everyone, but also brought the hearts of colleagues closer to each other。Company leaders and employees family interaction, mutual toast, exciting lottery activities, so that singing, applause, cheers have been rippling on the venue。The whole annual meeting dinner climaxed repeatedly, showing the joy and harmony of the big family of China Resources Technology。


2017Years have passed, full of hope and challenges2018Have come。In the past year we have smiled, hard, also harvest, face2018Full of vision and passion, let us walk with confidence and courage to write an even brighter future。

2017Annual sales of the company exceeded the assessment target, continuous growth, tax for the five districts, three cities and five counties in the manufacturing enterprises in the first87位。

2017The company finished the yearPlant transformation, further improve the production environment, improve and increase the production equipment, a variety of independent and jointly developed high-tech equipment will be2018The annual expansion of production capacity is well prepared。

2017In the year of the company's new product plastic bottle from nothing to achieve batch supply continuous exploration, after more than a year of the process, finally successful, will become the company's new economic growth point。

2017The intellectual property of the company6The utility model patent was authorized, according to the different needs of customers, timely adjust the process formula, gradually meet the requirements of customers, under the premise of ensuring quality, optimize the formula to reduce costs and improve production efficiency。

2017In 2005, the company completed the application of high-tech enterprises in high-tech zones under the requirements of new standards, passed the review smoothly, and completed the final acceptance of scientific research projects, National Development and Reform Commission, Science and Technology Bureau and other projects。

2017年公司继续资助社会贫困学生上学;党支部工会关心困难职工并及时予以资助渡难关;看望社会儿童福利院并给予节日慰问;公司获守合同重信用认定企业、高新区巾帼创业明星、高新区工会之星等多个荣誉,A number of work has been awarded and encouraged by the city and district;

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