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Freeze dried rubber plug moisture control

As we all know, one of the most important quality control indicators of freeze-dried drugs is the moisture content。The amount of moisture is related to whether the active ingredient of a drug can guarantee its efficacy over its shelf life。Therefore, the moisture content of the freeze-dried rubber plug becomes particularly critical。Near based20Years of research and development and production experience of medicinal butyl rubber plug, we have their own experience in controlling the moisture of freeze-dried rubber plug。In order to control the moisture content of the freeze-dried rubber plug, the first step is to control the moisture during the production of the rubber plug。For example, in the drying process, tests have shown that increasing temperature and duration can reduce the moisture content of the rubber plug。The other is to control the moisture content of the finished product by controlling the moisture content of the raw material。The moisture content of each major raw material should be strictly checked and suppliers should be required to provide products that meet the moisture control requirements。When raw materials are stored and used for production, the temperature and humidity in the warehouse and clean workshop should be well controlled. In order to ensure that the moisture content in the freeze-dried rubber plug is kept at a low level, multiple ways of control can be integrated。

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