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Chinese quintessence -- Traditional Chinese Medicine, modern traditional Chinese medicine preparation and packaging material system

The beginnings of traditional Chinese medicine date back to BC2000For many years, it is the crystallization and treasure of the wisdom of the Chinese nation。Traditional Chinese medicine mainly uses plants as raw materials. Through various processing methods, it can be made into clinical drugs that can be swallowed。With the development of society, Chinese pharmacists, through modern scientific methods, extract the effective ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine and scientific formulas, and make a variety of Chinese patent medicine preparations that are more convenient to carry and take, including injections, oral liquid forms, oral solid forms, etc。We as the main oral liquid medicinal chlorine (bromine) butyl plug (gasket) supplier,Long-term commitment to the study of optimal elastomer formulation,For the major Chinese patent pharmaceutical enterprises to provide the most suitable rubber plug products,Make the rubber plug and medicine to achieve the best compatibility,To seal it without compromising its potency,The function of long-term preservation of drugs。

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