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Prepotting system

       Prepotting system or prepotting syringe is getting more and more attention in the pharmaceutical industry。Compared with the traditional vial drug, the pre-filled syringe drug is more convenient to use。Traditional drug delivery requires the medical staff to use a disposable syringe to suck the drug out of the vial, pop the air bubbles in the syringe, and then inject the drug into the patient。Presealed syringes do not require these transport steps。In addition, the pre-filled syringe can also avoid the problem of excessive filling of xylin bottle, which can save cost for pharmaceutical companies。Precision measurement is also an advantage of prefilled syringes。In addition to the above advantages promoting the development of prefilled syringes, the popularity of automatic syringe devices (insulin, postoperative analgesia, etc.) is also driving the demand for prefilled syringes in the industry。As a quality supplier of rubber components (polyisoprene needle caps and butyl rubber pistons) for pre-sealed syringes, we have been committed to the optimization of related products for a long time。We attach importance to relevant studies such as piston starting power, sliding power, optimal formulation, packaging tightness and drug compatibility。These are very important for the quality of the product and for the prefilled syringe to achieve its intended function。

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