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A letter to a client

Dear person in charge of your company (department),


Our company is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and service of medicinal chlorine (bromine) butyl rubber plug (pad), raw material medicinal butyl rubber sealing ring and other products。Among them, oral liquid with rubber plug (pad), raw material medicinal sealing ring has become the largest domestic, the best quality, the most complete variety of manufacturers。The company has long been leading its competitors in the industry and occupies more than 60% market share in the subdivided fields。

Excellent quality and service make our company become the preferred or only designated supplier of pharmaceutical packaging materials for many domestic pharmaceutical companies。如:江苏扬子江药业、云南白药集团、广州白云山制药集团、太极集团、联邦制药、人福药业、山东鲁南制药、浙江新光药业、湖北午时药业、江苏济川药业、南京先声药业、湖南汉森制药、北京同仁堂药业、葵花药业、四川科伦药业、紫光古汉集团、通化金马药业、通化万通药业、亚宝药业等;客户的长期信赖是巴黎人赌场官方网站最求卓越的动力。

At the end of 2020, our company learned that plasticizer was detected in the sampling of oral liquid products of a well-known pharmaceutical company in China by the State Food and Drug Administration。The butyl rubber plug was not provided by our company。Our company attaches great importance to this incident and timely sends all categories of products to international authorities for inspection。公司本着“好药包,包好药”的使命,严格遵守国家相关法律法规,不断为广大客户提供增值服务;在原料采购,产品研发、生产、质量、销售、财务等方面全面升级,严格把控质量。Now we will timely provide you with the content information of 18 plasticizers of dimethyl phthalate and other categories tested。If you need, you can get it from our company at any time。At the same time, your company is also welcome to visit our company for the inspection of relevant materials and on-site audit。

We will always uphold the mission of "good medicine package, package good medicine", with stable product quality, strict process control, good after-sales service to create and maintain their own brand and reputation, in order to the majority of drug manufacturers trust and rest assured。


                                         Hubei China Resources Technology Co. LTD

                                             August 1, 2021

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