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Notice on further clarifying matters related to the archival administration of ordinary cosmetics

Drug Administration of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, and Drug Administration of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:

  The Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) and the Measures on the Administration of Cosmetics Registration and Archival Filing (hereinafter referred to as the Measures) have been officially implemented, and the registration and archival filing of cosmetics have been carried out in an orderly manner。According to the operation of the record management of ordinary cosmetics, the relevant matters are further clarified as follows:

  First, strictly implement the requirements of laws and regulations。According to the "Regulations" "measures" provisions, ordinary cosmetics archival filing person submit archival data to complete the archival filing, the product can be marketed for sale。

  2. Strictly standardize the disclosure of archival information。Each provincial bureau shall, in strict accordance with the requirements of the Regulations and Measures, disclose relevant information of product registration to the public within 5 working days。

  3. Seriously investigate and punish violations of laws and regulations。In the course of supervision and inspection, supervisory departments at all levels shall, in accordance with the Regulations, Measures and other relevant provisions, sternly investigate and punish the registered ordinary cosmetics that do not meet the requirements for archival materials, submit false archival materials, or violate laws and regulations。

  Fourth, strengthen the publicity and implementation of laws and regulations, and implement the main responsibility of enterprises。All provincial administrations shall strengthen the training, publicity and implementation of cosmetic supervision and regulations, urge the enterprises under their jurisdiction to fulfill the main responsibility of cosmetic quality and safety, and guide the enterprises to carry out the record work of ordinary cosmetics。

  5. Strengthen investigation and research to solve problems in time。In the implementation of the new cosmetic regulatory regulations, the new and old ordinary cosmetic filing platform of the period, the provincial bureau to grasp the real time enterprises in the filing encountered problems and difficulties, timely study and solve, respond, and according to the procedures of the report of the relevant situation。

                            Department of Cosmetics Supervision, State Drug Administration

                             June 25, 2021

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